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TV Installlation

Wall Mounting

When you purchase a new TV it is all too easy to mount it on your wall incorrectly, with cords misplaced and visible, and the wall bracket not properly installed. The team at Vision Impossible is well equipped with years of experience to mount your TV in your home, inside or out. When placing your TV we ensure that there are no unsightly or dangerous cords left hanging out that your children or pets could play with. With Vision Impossible you can feel assured that your TV will be working at optimum performance, whilst looking sleek and stylish in your home. We have access to all manner of wall brackets including flat TV wall brackets, swivel corner TV wall brackets, and ceiling TV wall brackets, so you we are well equipped for any job specification.

Extra TV

For Vision Impossible, it is easy to add one or more extra television points to allowing view in any room in your house, patio or garage. Most additional TV points can be connected to your original antenna, meaning the process for installation is relatively simple. An extra TV point can solve family viewing problems as well as allow for quick home rearrangement. There is no need for a portable antenna when you call Vision Impossible, as we can ensure crystal clear picture and audio without.


TV Tuning

At Vision Impossible, we can quickly and easily tune your TV, whether it be brand new to your home or you’ve just moved house and your TV refuses to work properly, we’ve got you covered. Often when you have just moved house, the TV is not in-tune to your area – something that we can fix and also show you what’s now available on Freeview for you. The Vision Impossible team is also able to set up a Smart TV with Wi-Fi connection for you, so you will be able to have all the viewing benefits of the internet at your fingertips. This means no more missed episodes, access to services such as Netflix, Stan and Presto, easy access to your usual internet services, Skype and Facebook messaging, and more!


There are a number of paid TV services available in Australia, and each uses a different form of transmission. To ensure you have the correct cables and plugs, it is best to get a professional to asses your home, location and existing transmitters so installing the system is simple. For example, Foxtel, Austar, Optus and Neighbourhood Cable all use HCF Cables, whereas FetchTV and Xbox use IPTV connection. The team at Vision Impossible is happy to help with all paid television installations, no matter the type.