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Satellite Installation

Satellite Installation

If you have just bought satellite or pay TV then you need a professional to install it for you as the process is a lot trickier than it appears. Many homes in Australia do not have great reception as there is often something blocking the signal or tower, which means you will often require a satellite dish. The best dishes get their signal directly from space so there are no hills or gumtrees to block them – which means no frozen or blocked visuals!


Foxtel is an increasingly popular paid TV provider, simply due to the ever growing number of channels available. However, installing it generally needs to be done by a professional as it requires a link to your satellite and phone line. This can mean creating a new phone outlet that is close to your television and, although it is possible to connect to existing lines quiet easily, this is best to be done by a professional to ensure your Foxtel works perfectly. Foxtel IQ and IQ2 can also require an internet connection to maximise all of it’s features. This is another aspect of Foxtel’s installation that Vision Impossible can handle for you.

We also help with the installation of other satellite services such as UBI World TV, Globecast, MySAT, Jadeworld, PanGlobal TV, TFCDirect!, LBF and Pacific Media.