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Poor TV Reception services

Poor TV Reception Services

All Australian’s should be able to receive free-to-air TV, through either terrestrial or satellite means, without an issue. If you are experiencing poor service then there are a number of reasons as to why, all of which can be solved. Any of the following may be behind your poor connection:

  • cables and fly leads that are old, damaged or not plugged in properly
  • a TV or set-top box that isn’t tuned to the correct channels
  • an antenna that isn’t up to scratch or isn’t pointing to the correct transmitter
  • areas with deficient coverage or fringe reception
  • trying to receive signals from outside the intended coverage area of a transmitter

At Vision Impossible, we do a free reception test so as to determine the cause of your picture and audio breakdown. Once this is established, we can provide you with a quick quote and begin to rectify the problem.