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Antenna Installation

Antennas & TV Antenna Installation

Vision Impossible can make your reception vision so much clearer with choices in digital antennas and service, for UHF transmission off Adelaide Grenfell tower of VHF from Mt Lofty. If your receiving picture break up perhaps it time to change your antenna. We recommend changing your antenna to digital as the first step to rectifying poor reception. However, simply adjusting the position of your antenna so that it is in direct contact with your tower (i.e. no trees, hills etc. in the way) can make a world of difference.


Other causes for a problematic antenna could begin with your TV cables. If your cables are poorly made and of a low quality then they could be affecting what comes through on your TV. They may be nothing wrong with your actual antenna at all. Also, if your TV is not tuned into the correct tower then your signal could be poor. To correct this problem you may need to change your cables (low-loss coaxial cables are the only kind suitable for both VHF and UHF signals) or have your antenna adjusted so that it is pointing towards the correct source of transmission. If you have a splitter installed then you may need a masthead or distribution amplifier to boost your signal. These devices boost the signal so that it is of adequate strength before reaching the splitter. At Vision Impossible we are able to asses your current antenna situation and devise which solution is best for you.

Some of the products we use are made by ALCAD which is a Spain based company.